Perhaps you want to back up all you digital photographs to CD but you don't have a CD re-writer or you want to play DVD movies on your system but don't have a DVD player.

There comes a time when you realize that your PC is not up the job anymore or you need a piece of hardware you just don't have.

Many system are running with too little memory and too small hard disk to cope with today's operating systems and applications. Upgrading these two components of a system will improve the performance of most systems far more than upgrading the processor.

However If you are doing a lot of intense processing such as running large complex spreadsheets upgrading the processor may be a sensible option. If you are going to upgrade both memory and processor it is worth considering a new motherboard as this will all most certainly support faster memory and processors than your existing one. Beware that many newer motherboards are not compatible with older PC cases so you may need a new case! At this point you might think it no longer makes sense to continue trying to upgrade your old PC you might as well go for a comlete new system. See Systems for details of our new systems.

See the Pricing page for cost details.



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