Most work we do is carried out on an hourly rate basis however some jobs may be suitable for a quotation on a fixed fee basis. To qualify jobs must be well defined and limited in scope. If you think you have a suitable job please call for a quotation

Our standard hourly labour rates are as follows:

25.00 for the first hour or part thereof
10.00 for each subsequent half hour or part thereof

We also charge a call out fee to cover out travelling expences as follows:

Normally  10 but may be more if travelling outside our usual area.

We will assess all jobs before starting. In the unlikely event we decide we are unable to assist you we will tell you so and where possible advise you how to proceed. We will give you an estimate of how long we think the job will take. If it turns out that more time is required than estimated or new parts are needed we will give you a revised estimate including any hardware costs.

We will not undertake any work without your agreement.

If a job takes less than an hour to fix you will still be charged for the full hour. However we will gladly stay for the rest of the hour and give your PC a thorough health check or investigate any other PC problem you may have.



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